1. When has Austnam product been available in Vietnam market? Which projects?

Austnam roofing products have been involved in the domestic construction material market for almost 30 years as Austnam was a pioneer in the local steel roofing industry from 1992. To expand its market and exploit application of new construction materials, in late 2017, Austnam has launched a wide range of outdoor Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) products. These materials are increasingly dominant and is an optimal choice for project owners and contractors when selecting outdoor materials for their projects.

2. Will WPC products fade color and warp after some years of use use? I used the products 5-7 years ago but it has been curved between the decking profiles and supporting bars, and had to repair many times.

Austnam’s WPC products are manufactured with the latest technology equipment and material formula, therefore, the limitations of old products will be overcome.

3. How long is the warranty time for WPC products?

Austnam WPC Product has 2 years warranty time.

4. What color is the product?

Our products have 4 standard colors: Dark Grey, Brown, Light Brown and Olive.

5. Is this product suitable for bathroom flooring, sauna room?

Austnam product can be used for flooring and wall cladding in sauna room as the products are suitable for temperature change and high humidity while the room has a drainage system underneath. However, they are not suitable for normal home bathrooms as there are spaces between decking profiles so loosing hair and other materials are easy to catch in the spaces and difficult for cleaning.

6. What is different between Indoor and Outdoor WPC products? And is it OK if outdoor WPC is used for in door applications?

Outdoor WPC products are mainly made of PE + wood powder + additives (PE-WPC); while Indoor WPCs are mainly made of PVC + wood powder + additives (PVC-WPC). Outdoor WPC can be used indoors, but we do not recommend this as normally Outdoor WPC price is higher than the price of indoor WPC and even higher than some cheap real wood. On the other hand surface of PE-WPC is less colorful and wood-like pattern than PVC-WPC so decoration effect for indoor use will be less.

Just like its criteria, Austnam WPC will be the best and most effective when used for outdoor applications.

7. Where is the factory?

The production facility is at Austnam factory, Phung Industrial Area, Dan Phuong, Hanoi, Vietnam.

8. What is the discount mechanism?

– Each project will have its own quotation

– For customers who are agents or distributors, there are separate policies.

9. Is there provision for remote provinces?

Ausntnam supplies WPC products to all provinces in the country. However, transportation costs and related costs will be added to the remote projeccts.

10. Is the product easy to be scratch and crack? Is it fading color over time?

Austnam’s WPC products are manufactured to suit different uses, in accordance with the characteristics of the product, such as:

– Solid decking to use in heavy walk way, flooring for cafeteria.

– Hollow deckings to use for light weight walkway, like swimming pool flooring.

These are outdoor WPC products, so customers are advised to use the correct function of each product, do not use the with wrong purpose to avoid the unwanted effects.

The product is characterized by less shrinkage in wet environments. Keep the color under the influence of weather (sunshine). The ability to scratch, crack less occurs than real wood.

Why there is scratcheson surface when use hard object to scratch?

When apply hard object to scratch, there are still scratch on the surface as same with natural wood, but the scratches will only on the surface and less than wood.

Wood grain on the surface of WPC product are made for decoration purpose. However, this grain will be more easy to be worn out, therefore, this kind of wooden grain surfaces are often used for such location like wall cladding.

11. What is the advantage of using outdoor WPC for garden flooring, swimming pool compared to using natural wood flooring or ceramic tiles?

Outdoor WPC has the advantage of good water resistance, less expandable compared to natural wood flooring, also not slippery like ceramic tile floor. In addition, the construction is also quick, convenient with the use of special locking system makes it easy to connect the decking profile with supporting bars. According to current trend, outdoor WPC products are gradually replacing other materials such as ceramic tiles, stone for use in swimming pools, resorts …

12. Can this product use as floor of car washing workshop?

WPC decking can be applied for floor that have ability for car passing. However, it is not suitable for floor of car washing workshop as sand and mud from the car will quickly fill the gap between the floor decking profile and quickly accumulate under the floor, it is difficult to clean.

13. Where is the agent system?

We are currently in the process of building the agent system nationwide, so please give us your personal information and telephone number, we will contact and advise you for your need.

14. What is the price of the product per m2?

Austnam will provide official price list, depending on the type of profiles, price is in the range of  700.000 to 1.200.000 VND / m2 (not including transport & installation costs).

15. Will Austnam take care of design and installation work? How long is delivery and execution time since ordering?

-Austnam and Austnam’s agents serve customers from the design, delivery and installation.

– For each specific project we will have to conduct surveys to design and select appropriate materials, from which to give the production time and construction for that project.

– For small, modular buildings, we will produce and install in 5-7 days.

16. What are standards of the product?

Products are manufactured and tested according to American and European standards.

17. Is it different between color of product on the website and cataloge compared to the actual?

All the products on our website and catalog are taken from our products manufactured at Austnam factory so the colors are completely homogeneous.

18.What is life expectancy of the product?

If the customer uses the product under normal conditions following our guidelines and recommendations, the product’s lifespan may be 10-15 years.

19. The price of WPC seems to be higher compared to other materials such as bricks, stone ... and how is price of Austnam WPC compared with other brands?

WPC products are a decorative product with high aesthetic quality, volume of product is not large for a building, so the price is higher than other common materials such as tiles, cement, or concrete …

Compared with other WPC products on the market, Austnam WPC has high assurance on quality, but the price is very competitive as Austnam policy is always to deliver consumers products with good quality & best price.

20. Is this product suitable for indoorflooring?

This product is not suitable for indoor use because it is designed suitable for outdoor use and price of the product is higher than that of ordinary brick and wood use for indoor applications.

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